Late ltd payment

Hey all. I’m on Ltd usually get my payment last business day of the month. Thought it would be today due to bank holiday tomorrow. But it didn’t come. Should I be worried ? Glitch because of added holiday? Anyone else not get theirs??

Oh god I feel for you. I had a brutally disorganized claims manager for two years and it didn’t get fixed until the main switchboard escalated it because my claim manager was away on vacation and I was sitting there still unpaid. I would message them in both written form for the record and also call and if they don’t say they will get it out right away ask for a supervisor.

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That sucks but I would not worry about it at all with the brand new holiday a lot of systems are not updated. You will probably get it tomorrow. This holiday has messed up a lot of stuff. I don’t know why they put it on the LAST DAY of the month!!! What a terrible day to pick.

What insurer and bank are you with?