Anyone else not get LTD payment yet for end of Jan?

I generally get my monthly LTD payment from Fun Strife on the last business day of the month, but nothing yet. I’m wondering if it has to do with the new year or I’m just lucky (ha!), not wanting to call just yet.

I got mine deposited on Jan 31. Hopefully it’s just some sort of error.

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I would call, it is probably automated so there is no excuse to be late.
You have a right to be paid on time.
If there was a mistake, they can’t fix it unless they know about it.

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Thanks, guys. I did end up calling as there was still nothing today, and it turns out to have been some sort of technical error, so they’re issuing it within 48 hours. I’m glad it wasn’t something that would be a big issue, but dang - if I’d had to pay rent on the 1st of the month or something, I’d be pretty screwed! I haven’t actually called them directly since before my lawsuit a year ago, so that was a bit weird. Looks like it was worry for nothing.

Glad it worked out.

Did the insurance company cut you off before without notice?

They probably have your contact email on file so they could have sent you a notice so that you could make arrangements if that was necessary.

Glad it is all working out otherwise, though.

No, haven’t had an issue since the lawsuit, or any contact either.

They’ve bloody well done it again. No payment and it’s the last day of the month. Last time it was a week late. Honestly, maybe they’d like to get dinged NSF fees with interest not to mention embarrassment on monthly bills that come back. :rage:

Have you phoned them?
I would tell them you’re getting NSF fees every time the payment is late.

As long as they pay you that’s a good thing. Probably their payroll is not very organized. You should let your case manager know.

Hi, I was having that problem and started contacting them a couple days before each payment date to confirm the payment had been released. Frustrating and nerve-wracking but there you go.

I phoned and they finally got back to me - “technical glitch” again. Fortunately it came through today before the long weekend. Just maddening when you only get paid once a month!