Retroactive salary increase while on LTD

Does anyone know how long the insurer generally takes to pay out a retroactive salary increase (lump sum) while on LTD? A contract was signed and the dates have come and gone for fellow employees to receive their retro pay, however no word from either the insurer or employer on how long it takes for those on LTD. Anyone have a past experience with this?

Is the insurer aware of the retroactive salary increase?
I would give them a call.
It would depend on many things how long it would take.
It’ll take forever if nobody is doing it.

Yes, they are aware, and have a canned response with no timeliness (aka “Good luck, we’ll do it when we get to it!”) I was wondering if anyone had had similar experience and was curious as to what their timeframe had been. :slight_smile:

Depends on the insurance company but mine says in 2022 🤦