How Do You Manage Financially While Waiting for Benefits?


I am curious as to how people manage their basic living expenses while waiting for LTD/CPP-D/etc. My savings were depleted within 4 months (I hadn’t had much opportunity to save, and had been having to miss more and more work the 6 months prior to going on leave), EI sick benefits lasted 13 weeks, and I have only just barely kept my head above water with small loans from family. To be honest, the financial stress is almost as bad for my levels of anxiety as my medical condition has been.


I was lucky I guess.
There was a “salary continuence” (like STD but no waiting period) that paid part of my salary so I never had to get EI Sick Benefits.


Hey there Nip. The struggle is real. I have been waiting for my CPPD for almost 5 months now. I’ve been told by a few that’s it has been approved and others say that it’s not possible for anyone to even know that. My family has exhausted all of our savings and, like you, loans from the family members who can help. I can’t imagine how people do it without family to help. 5 months zero money can certainly cause more problems than disability…it’s can cause homelessness. Hope you get through to the light at the and of the tunnel.