How do I update my claim information

Hi everyone, I followed your advice and got my pain doctor to complete the medical report and he was very supportive. I submitted the entire package through my local SC office on Oct. 20th.
On Oct. 23rd, I had a heart attack, specifically a MI with 100% blockage of the LAD. Blockage opened by 2 stents, spent a week in hospital, home now.
I would like to include this event with my CPP Disability Claim but not sure how; is this a no. 20 as in ‘Other health related impairments,’ should I print that section off and fill it in with the new info? There are 17 pages of medical records covering my MI, should I send them in with my SIN number on it?
Will they even except this info, is the file closed when you send it in.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Absolutely send it in! Do not put your SIN on any copies of medical records-Have a cover sheet listing what items you are including and have your SIN on that sheet. Also if you can link your heart attack with pain or aspects of your primary issues then do so.

I am sorry this happened to you Hugh.

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That’s great advice, I will do a cover sheet, and there are certainly overlapping pain issues complicating my original concerns. Yes, I will tie them in.

Thanks so much for your kind words and helpful suggestions.


Hugh, did you get approved for CPP-D?

Hey Jammer, yes I did get that call last week saying I was approved but still waiting on paperwork. I have set up bank account info but don’t know if its works. Not a lot of money but it will sure help. Also moved into shared accommodation on Friday. I’m pretty excited, things are looking up. I will tell the group too. So much happening.
It’s cool you still remember me.

Thanks for your advice and support!


Awesome, great to hear.

You can see all sorts of stuff online:
You should get direct deposit for retro in 1-2 weeks (after you get the acceptance letter?).
Regular payments are near the end of each month.