EI eligibility and LTD

Can you apply for EI if your employer terminates your employment while you are on LTD? Meaning that you haven’t been at work for couple of years. Then you are terminated getting LTD payments or maybe even not getting LTD payments. Are you eligible for EI in this case?

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Doesn’t seem like it:

If you were terminated before 2 years, you might be able to sue.
I would get the free consult.

Thank you. Looks like there is an eligibility period of a year or two.

But it’s not right. You should be able to receive EI if you are terminated while you are on sick leave.

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One of the requirements is a person needs to be actively looking for work and a person on sick leave is sick.

You are able to collect EI for 15 weeks . I am on EI and I am unable to work or look for work . But I haven’t been terminated from my work , so not sure how that works with you . But you did get terminated due to being off sick so I don’t see why you couldn’t collect your 15 weeks EI.

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If you cannot work because of sickness, injury or quarantine, but you would otherwise be available to work, you could be eligible to receive up to a maximum of 15 weeks of EI sickness benefits.

I don’t know how that works if a person is on LTD.
I don’t think a person would get 2 payments.

Are you on LTD? You probably on EI sickness benefits.

All I know is they told me to select the unavailable for work option which I pick Monday - Friday every time .

I am on CPP disability

I should’ve applied for EI after 6 month on sick leave. But I got LTD so I didn’t apply for EI. Now I am thinking that I could’ve got both EI and LTD. It’s too late to do so now.

Same with me.
I hope @David_Brannen comments on this thread, I wonder if anyone received LTD and EI Sick Benefits at the same time.

You can’t receive both EI Sickness and LTD benefits for the same month – this is based on the EI regulations and legislation.

If there is a retroactive LTD payment for months a person received EI Sickness payments, then the EI would need to be paid back. Normally there is no overlap between EI Sickness and LTD because the EI Sickness is paid during the LTD waiting period.

David Brannen

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Thank you David. Your response is very helpful.

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What if I have paid all premiums of my LTD plan in full myself, then it does not count as WLRP. therefor EI people shouldn’t deduct it from my EI payments.Am I right?

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I doubt it matters who paid the premiums.
I would think you can’t get EI while you get income from a wage loss replacement program.
I am not a lawyer though.

You are right about that but the point is when you pay premium of the plan that plan is not anymore wage loss replacement plan as it says clearly on government of CANADA web site in definition of wage loss replacement plan.

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You pay premiums for LTD and you are currently getting EI but the EI amount is based on your salary after your LTD premiums are deducted and you think it should be based on the salary before the LTD premium is deducted?

Hi David- I am currently receiving LTD through Manulife. I am a truck driver who attained a degenerative back disease due to repeated motions in my job as per my doctor. My wsib claim was denied as employer fault, but was approved for LTD. My employer has not allowed me back stating that they cannot meet restrictions which include frequent breaks, no prolonged sitting or standing and bending etc as tolerated.since I’m making so much less I have been working on getting back to work even if not at my current employer- I consulted with my doctor and obtained a job driving as a school bus driver which is part time and checks all my boxes for my restrictions. Bud driving is part time and seasonal so I’ll be unemployed come summer and my full time employer will not discuss anything until Oct which is the 2 year mark and I believe they will just fire me then. Can I apply for Ei during the off season for bud driving? And if I am not able to earn my previous income if my full time employer fires me- does my ltd continue? Oh can they shut me off even though I’m making 30% of my previous income?

I think you probably need to go the free consultation route with such detailed questions

My employer STD is running out …the Sunlife LTD application may not be approved or denied by then. Can I use EI sickness benefit as a bridge while I wait for LTD decision?