Fees for physician's notes required by insurance company?

I am currently attempting a return to work at minimal hours, and received word from my LTD provider that they require my employer to provide them with a monthly report of the hours worked/salary, and also frequent updates from my physician regarding why my hours can be increased, or not, and if not why not, etc. The insurer says that the cost of my doctor providing them with this documentation is my responsibility. Is this usual? Previously, my doctor has asked that they request the documents they want from her directly, at their cost.

I’m just looking for feedback if anyone has been in this situation, and I realize that different companies may have different rules. Thank you!

I requested my insurer communicate directly to my doctor to alleviate stress on myself. My doctor invoices the insurance company for any direct request from them, but has off and on charged me for any forms I have brought to her.
I get a receipt from her office and will submit it with my tax return.

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My policy says I am responsible to pay for any documents supporting my claim.
I never did a return to work with conditions.
What do they mean by frequent updates from your doctor, monthly?

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Unfortunately the cost for records to prove the claim falls on you, not the insurer. They have to be reasonable in their requests but reasonable is open to interpretation.

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Hey @jammer. My understanding is that if I am given the ok from my doctor to increase my hours, they would want the recommended schedule as my HR needs to provide them with my hours worked each month (so for matching purposes and to know it was approved by my physician). If I’m not to increase hours at my review with my doctor, they would want to know the reasons for needing to stay at my current hours for longer (symptoms, restrictions, limitations, etc) as well as a foreseeable amount of time that it will take to get to full time hours.

Thanks very much, @David_Brannen. I expected that may be the case - hopefully they will be satisfied with the updates my doctor generally provides to my workplace as well as copies of clinical notes, and not an entire narrative essay! :slight_smile: