Fees for forms - who covers the costs?


When the insurer requests ongoing updates from the primary care provider, who is typically responsible for covering the costs associated with the completion of forms? The medical office typically charges a set fee for the different types of forms required for completion. Even in instances when updates are required, there is often a cost (though I am not sure if these updates come in a form of a letter or some more comprehensive form). Either way, there is often a cost. Would the insurer be responsible for covering any of these costs since the request is coming from them directly? Does it vary from policy to policy?

Many thanks.

The majority of time the insurer paid for forms for my doctors and other medical professionals that they requested information from.
Unfortunately, I don’t know how common that is.
It your case, if you haven’t already, you should ask the insurer to pay.

My policy says I am required to pay for all documentation to support my disability.

Some people have requested the insurance company to ask for reports directly to from the doctor.
This cuts you out as a middle person and the insurance company gets billed directly. :slight_smile:

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Initially mine asked my doctor directly and didn’t charge me. Then I think they were asking for too much from her so they started sending them to me instead and then I had to pay and now they haven’t asked for quite a while. Also my doctor didn’t charge me for it when I was able to fill in most of the form myself and combined it with a quick prescription renewal that she could charge provincial health for. If you are still employed check your extended health benefits, I was able to claim the cost of the visit through my Health Savings Account at work. If not, then it counts towards the medical expenses tax credit on your tax return.

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When I originally applied for short term sickness which is managed by the insurance company I had my GP fill out the form and I had to pay for that cost. My short term sickness lead to LTD based on another report the insurance company wanted. I didn’t know who should pay for this so I asked my psychiatrist and he made it very clear to me, the insurance company asked for this update so the insurance company will pay for it and told me not to worry about it. They have asked for another update and again they asked for it and they can pay for it and I am totally fine with that.