Emailed to our MLA, and MLA forwards our email to Minister who’s responsible for the insurance company

I’ve posted a previous thread about my husband’s car accident and suffering with navigating the health system and dealing with insurance company. Thank you so much everyone who replied, and more importantly, gave us encouragement, advices and understandings. It helped us a million!

Some good news, 20ish months after the accident, my husband finally got a CT scan and found something was wrong in his spine. Awaiting to see a neurologist and hopefully this time he could get a MRI or to have real diagnosis. And to cure from there.

I don’t know any other supporting group to discuss this, and if it’s not appropriate to discuss here, pls tell me and I’ll edit my post.

I’ve sent an email to our local MLA and wished to know her understanding about the Monopoly government owned car insurance company. I used our claim as an example, and questioned about how a monopoly insurance company could maintain good faith and how hard is it to find a injury lawyer in our province since the lawyers here find it more profitable to represent the insurance company.
I have no hope the monopoly will change since in our province, liquor stores were only privatized 2 years ago. But because the provincial election are coming, I just want to sort out whom to vote for and hopefully there would have good change in our province.

The assistance of the MLA replied to ask for our address. And forwarded our email to the Minister here. We then were asked to provide our claim number and consent for the minister to look up. I checked the minister’s name online but found out he represents the insurance company. Should we trust him to give the consent? Is it a good thing or a bad thing for our dealing with the insurance company? Honestly, I never have trusted in any political person. And so wish to have some advice or any suggestions here. Thank you so much!

What do you mean the minister represents the insurance company?
Is the “minister” a political person?

Sorry for the confusion.

Yes, the Minister has a title of Honourable and responsible for XXX. Where XXX is the government owned car insurance company in our province.

It sounds like you got exactly what you were hoping for by emailing him. If he is asking for the case number then that means he is going to look into it for you. I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t share this info with him. MLA’s are publically elected officials are are held to a very high standard. Maybe in some other countries politians are corrupt but not so much in Canada. Everything is documented via email. I would go ahead and give him your info and let him research your case.

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It seems safe then. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your inputs.

I checked online that the Minister has advocated for the insurance company. So I was reluctant when they replied asking our details case number.

But thank you for your advices. I’ll go and give our consent and hopefully they could help.

Also that is really good news about the CT scan! Very happy for you and your husband. It must be nice to finally have something concrete to take to the insurance company. Now they cannot ignore you! Now is the time to push hard for an MRI and to get in to see a neurologist. Also compensation for your husbands pain and suffering. Also make sure your husband has pain medication so he is not in pain. Good luck to you and your husband!

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Thank you for all your encouraging. We finally saw some hope and will work from there.