DTC: further questions re:application

I was initially turned down for DTC upon my response to specific questions re: functioning sent after the initial application (too general). My Doctor who supported me with the application for DTC had to close her practice so my new Doctor agreed to fill out further information to add to the original application and I was approved for 2018 to 2023. However, I really feel I cheated myself out of DTC for 2015 to 2017 - my original Doctor had me answer the functional questions and % however I was not well and did not answer these correctly thus the reasons for the original denial. Should I just leave this alone since I have been approved going forward or is there any possibility of sending in a new application for those early years or is my mistake re: % in functioning written in stone.

If I were you I would fight for everything. I would contact Resolute Legal for advice if in doubt.

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Thanks. I was hoping David might give me some advice on this one. When I called CRA, he said that they don’t look at your past application ( original denial) if you are submitting a new one . My new Doctor may not support me although he did for 2018 going forward. I was actually in worse shape in 2014 to 2017 and my functioning was quite poor. Thanks for responding.

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Maybe you can get it extended back.
I would phone the CRA or Resolute.

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Thanks for your response Jammer. I can’t find my letter of approval - I think my copy also went to my tax person so I will have to retrieve it to re-read what they said. However, as mentioned I was not approved initially based on my response to the set of questions they sent after the initial application was sent. My former Doctor supported me but needed to have me come in to respond to the questions about function sent later. At that time, I was particularly ill and was not thinking clearly when my Doctor asked me about my functioning. I think I responded to the percentage as the amount of time in the day that I walked versus % of time this was a problem which would have been daily and ongoing - over 90%. Although they acknowledged the seriousness of my disease they were focused on what % that impacted my functioning which I did not answer appropriately. thus was not initially approved.
So I thought that was a done deal and focused on 2018 going forward. So I was able to add further information to the original application that provided evidence that my disease continued to progress and then answered the functioning correctly. Thus received approval from 2018 onward. My new Doctor was very kind in supporting me as he was quite new but I don’t know about past years now. The other issue here is that my treatment team has changed and I have no one that saw me back then and who could appropriately respond. My Family Doctor left quickly due to health issues in her family and my Cardiologist retired and I had changed Respirologists to an expert in Hamilton who just started to see me in 2017. I had called CRA and he said I should send in a new application for 2014 to 2017 but I would have to ask my new Doctor to base his answers on past notes he received from my Family Physician and would have seen my inappropriate response to the questions which she sent on to CRA. I have a number of reports showing how serious my disease was and is but will they believe me that my initial answers to their questions were wrong. Because of my mistake I am losing out on a lot of well needed money. Sorry if I am going on but that is my story.
I also don’t want to do anything that might impact my present approval.

When you apply, you put a date your disability started, don’t you?
When you appealed, you put a different date?
I have no idea how to proceed.
I would Resolute and see if doing another application for earlier could jeopardize what you have now.
I don’t like the CRA answer, it seems too cookie cutter.

Thanks Jammer. I thought the only way I could get accepted was to use the original application
and show that the disease had progress.

In thinking about this situation further I have decided not to pursue it because I do not want to jeopardize the approval now. I should have addressed it when I appealed it but because I did not think they would believe that I made a mistake with the percentages I decided to demonstrate that my disease had progressed which it has. Thanks everyone for your support.

The problem with any of this stuff is they could deny you again (unlawfully but force you to sue).
I don’t know about it but I wouldn’t try to change it without a lawyer.
If you do it after you get the assessment for your 2018 taxes then you get a year before it matters. :slight_smile:
It’s possible a new application wouldn’t affect the existing one.
I would send in a new application in March 2019.
Actually, I would just send a letter requesting the date change and include a letter from your doctor certifying your symptoms existed in 2014 and affected your ability to function in the same ways that resulted in your approval (I can’t find my 2201, does the DTC have a number? include that).

Thanks again Jammer. I really think I should leave well enough alone. I really don’t see how I can correct the mistake and my new Doc really does not know me well. I was surprised that he supported me with the new DTC but he does know I am ill. It is just hard to stomach that my error made me lose possibly $6000 - I just have to be accepting of that. I also was in such denial of my illness and loss of functioning - it was and is very difficult to accept and I think that also contributed to me minimizing my functioning at that time. Thanks for all your support.

It’s a safe choice and there is a saying “a bird in the hand is worth more than in the bush”. :slight_smile:
Good luck going forward.

Thanks Jammer - Disappointed but I agree.

My understanding is that a key issue is functioning but that expectation of permanance is the bigger issue. So if health care didn’t feel it was foreseeable permanent for the first two years you mention, it wouldn’t be approved for that time…
sorry you’ve lost that funding though

Thanks for your reply. The initial application was very supportive of me obtaining DTC. I am almost 100% sure I would have received the DTC if I had answered the specific questions sent to my Doctor appropriately. My fog brain got in the way. I was and am very ill with a chronic and progressive form of Sarcoidosis which has from the beginning impacted all aspects of daily living. My mistake was costly but I have decided that I will leave well enough alone and am pleased they are supporting me from 2018 onward until my next update in 2023.