Disability and Financial Planning

New member here! Wow, I wish I had found this forum and Resolute resources earlier in my journey.
I have survived claims with employer, Insurance company, and ODSP and CPP application processes. I’m really grateful to be on the other side of it and focus on myself and dignified life…but I’m still feeling overwhelmed in my newfound financial situation and disability status.

Does anyone have any experience working with disability financial planning specialists who are familiar with all the aspects like CPP, tax efficiency and accounting, how to best invest the settlement $ meant to take care of me? I am feeling anxious navigating this and I realize the added stress is not good for my health. I have approached each action individually as best as I could (ex. financial planner at the bank, volunteer tax prep) but is there such a thing as a ‘one stop shop’ that specializes in disability circumstances? While I’m grateful for the individual services I’ve been able to access so far, I always feel I have to over explain my situation, and it can feel exasperating. I think it would give me great piece of mind working with specialists who just get it, and where I am not such a ‘unique’ case.

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Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

My financial advisor knows less about disability stuff than I do.

If you haven’t, apply for the DTC (Disability Tax Credit).