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David can you please give opinion?

If you feel you are in crisis please, please call your local crisis line or 911. Or friends or family for support.

You should try and see your Doctor as soon as possible and let your Doctor know you are having suicidal thoughts. You should ask your Dr. to be referred to a psychiatrist–they are experts in medications and can give recommendations on medication trials.

You should advise your case manager when you are able that you are having very dark thoughts.

What is CBT?

Cognitive behaviour therapy is a goal-oriented therapy based on two central ideas:

  1. Our thoughts have a major influence on our emotions and our behaviour.
  2. Our behaviours can strongly influence our thoughts and emotions.

Therapy starts with a thorough assessment of the problem taking into account your current situation and relevant past events. The goal of therapy is to help you develop effective ways of coping that you can use independently in the future. In other words, you learn to help yourself cope effectively with life’s challenges.

Your return to work plan that has been drafted is not set in stone and your doctor will help you on when it is time to return to work.

Mental Health illness is one of the most unrecognized illnesses, yet it is the most devastating to the person, their family, and society. It is extremely important when you start feeling deeply depressed to see your family doctor, or a doctor to get help. Most Doctors have access to free resources as well as can prescribe helpful medications. If they do not know of any resources, then contact your local health services. In Canada a very good organization is the Canadian Mental Health Association

Your post indicates to me that you might also be having some panic/anxiety attacks. Breathe through your nose deeply and slowly exhale. There is hope and help for you:pray:

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thank you very much for the information, i am having so many issues in my head and personal life cann’t even think straight, when i am in public i always feel like i am judged. and talking to these insurance people is like total b.s. i really appreciate your response. once again thank you.

also my grandmother is not well and i am also not well am i allowed to visit her back home.

I am sorry that you also have an ill grandmother. How long would you be away?

Leaving to see an ill family member while on disability from work is a complicated situation. An insurer and case manager would have a legitimate concern on paying benefits while you are away.

Every situation is different and I am just giving a general opinion as I don’t know your situation.

Depression and mental health issues are a legitimate and valid illness. Depression often is a feeling of powerlessness. You need medical care for yourself right now so how would you be able to get care while away? Talk to your Doctor is best.