Cppd reinstatement time

So I applied last May 03 2023 got denied in Jan 2024 sent reinstatement documents got another doctor letter. Got letter Feb saying they got the documents. Still waiting so far over a year lost my car my home my sanity cannot pay lawyer to go bankrupt all because nobody cares about other people. I have never been so depressed. I have no phone as I use my friends wifi. I use to have a good job 22 Wing for Norad as I was a MAC Operator then Commissionaires bullied me at work for over 2yrs and do not have enough money or courage to fight for my rights they all got away with it. I have no family no relatives I am alone. SO I wish the government would soon send me letters I havr no will to argue my complaints. I havr been diagnosed with Major Depression Major Anxiety plus …

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I am so sorry this is happening to you.
Maybe look into provincial social assistance, there should be a way to get immediate help.
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