CPPD late application


I became disabled in Sep 2018 and am still on disability as of today. I was a full time employee in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and till Sep 2018. I do have significant CPP deductions. In 2020 I travelled abroad to try some treatment options and got stuck in the country due to some unusual circumstances. Its been more than an year that I am outside of Canada. My question is that if I would have to stay for further 6 or more months out of Canada, would it effect my CPPD application which I am planning to apply after returning back to Canada? Would it effect my eligibility period if I apply for CPPD in let say November 2021.

Would appreciate your response please.

Hi Matthew,

You can still apply for CPP disability and get approved even if you are currently not within Canada. It sounds to me like your contributions were made in Canada so there will be no issue there. You can always give a call into our offices and ask for me (Jen) if you want to discuss in more detail.