CPPD: Cost of living increase vs child rearing provision

Last year in December I was finally approved for the child rearing provision I applied for in August. However, they were late processing it and I had to follow up with Service Canada in December.

They owed me a lump sum for 10 years of retro payments and my monthly payment was increased. It was supposed to increase starting with December’s payment. I received the retro payment in December. I didn’t receive an increase to my monthly payment at the end of December.

CPP sent me a letter summarizing the calculations for the child rearing provision, with the amounts of the retro payment and the new monthly amount. The letter stated that my account was current as of the end of December. There was NO mention of the cost of living increase for 2024. I didn’t expect them to mention it, since the letter was only about the child rearing provision payments.

In January we’re supposed to receive the yearly cost of living increase. I checked my Service Canada account and found that at the end of January they’re only paying me the increase from the child rearing provision. There is no additional amount for cost of living. I called them and got rudeness and attitude. “This is what you’re getting, take it or leave it.” I asked for proof that the cost of living increase was included in my increased payment for January. The response was to transfer me twice in mid sentence, then the last person informed me that they would send me a letter and hung up on me.

I got their letter today. All they sent me was another copy of the same letter about the child rearing provision. So, no mention of the cost of living increase, and it still says it’s current up until the end of December.

I feel like I’m being ripped off because they processed my child rearing provision late. If it had been on time, my first increased monthly payment would have been before January, and then I’d have received the cost of living increase separately in January. And, they’re refusing to provide proof that the cost of living increase was included in the child rearing provision increase. They just expect me to take their word for it.

I know the cost of living increase doesn’t seem like a lot, but for me it’s $30-40 each month and that adds up. It will also affect my increase next year.

I want to know if I have grounds to file a complaint about this. I believe I have a right to proof if they did include the cost of living increase in my increased child rearing payments, and if they didn’t include it I should have the right to receive the increase. I’m familiar with how to file a complaint on their website.

You might try asking CPP expert Doug Runchey to have a look-see if you’re getting everything you should be. His personal site is drpensions.ca or he takes questions as Dogger1953 at Any questions about CPP? - Page 20 - Financial Wisdom Forum. He is a wonderful resource.

Thanks for the info! I will see what he has to say.

They were always kind when I phoned. :slight_smile:

I would contact: https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/corporate/service-canada/client-satisfaction.html

They might just say to phone again and see if you get someone kinder.

Ironically I had to contact the client satisfaction link when I was trying to get the original child rearing provision form processed. I had been told in August that it would take 2-3 months. I called Service Canada in December and got attitude and hung up on. After I filed my complaint a nice person called me a few days later, she had already processed the form and told me about the retro payment and the monthly increase. Same info as on the letter they sent me. But we were on the phone almost an hour just because she was nice and chatty and explained why the application was delayed.

I may contact that client department again, but first I just want to make sure that I have the right to demand that yearly cost of living increase. When I called about the increase I was bounced between 3 people before they told me they were sending a second letter and hung up on me. If the COL is included in the Jan increase I just want proof in writing.

These increases are legislated under the Canada Pension Plan act so that benefits keep up with the cost of living.

I finally have an update!
I had to contact the Service Canada client satisfaction department to get it.
It seems now that every time I call Service Canada it has to be escalated.

I spoke with someone at Client Satisfaction and they arranged to have a new letter sent to me. I only received it last week. This time it broke down the calculations of the child rearing provision payment, and it showed where they added the yearly cost of living increase. So, I know now that it’s already included in my monthly CPPD payments.