CPPD and OSAP Grant

Hello everyone

Does anyone know what it looks like receiving OSAP grants when receiving CPPD? I am not sure if the grant portion would be considered income when it comes to CPPD. I know that the grant is taxable. I am just concerned about CPPD being cut off due to the grant amount being greater than allowable income.

I don’t know, sorry.
I don’t think it counts as employment income.
I would phone Service Canada.

Thanks Jammer. That’s what I was thinking but I will call Service Canada

Maybe I’m too cautious but I would also follow up with a letter to them confirming what you were told on the phone. I also keep contemporaneous (made at the time of the call) notes by emailing myself a summary of who I talked to and what they said to get time-stamped notes. Otherwise keep dated notes in a notebook.

The goal is to make sure that you can show you were trying to comply with whatever the rules are so that they don’t question your credibility or motives later.

If you divide the grant money by the number of months you were in school it would probably leave you well below the allowable amount per month. This is how it should be viewed. Its also not employment income so i wouldn’t worry but not sure.

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