CPP-D Approval month?

For those who had to go first on short term disability (onset date, 100% pay) and later applied for (around 3 months) long term disability (70% pay) what was the month of cpp-d approval or in other words what month were the benefits backdated to? The month short term disability started or when ltdi started. Thanks in advance.

The month you became eligible for LTD usually. Does the insurer also do the STD or did your employer give you sick leave and/or you collected EI?

Employer is self insured, so they pay short term disability and ltdi, insurer just administers the claim on their behalf.

The CPP retroactive payment will potentially go back to the date of disability onset, so the date your doctor determines you are no longer capable of doing any type of work. As a rule the maximum retroactive from CPP is 12 months before the date of your application, then there is a 4 month waiting period - then from that date until the date you are approved for CPP disability.

Thanks Jen, this answers my question as I wasn’t aware of the 4 month waiting period because this would absorb the short term disability months in my case.

I think the 4 month waiting period for me was covered by STD.