Covid19 and DTC

Everyone please sign this to help get the bill c17 split so we can get our one time disability payment. They have piggy backed it onto 3 other issues for bill c17. COVID19 - Disabilty One Time Payment-BILL C17


New update Bill C17
July 7 2020

Anybody hear any updates on the $600 payment yet?

No, I have not heard anything new to report.

Here you go

(In case it’s not obvious…there’s a link above, but it’s


“Additionally, Canadians with disabilities who are eligible for the Disability Tax Credit but have not yet applied, would have a 60-day window of opportunity to do so after Royal Assent.”

This is funny considering the current review time on a DTC application is more than 90 days.

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I believe if you’re on CPPD you won’t qualify as the Disability Tax Credit is separate? That sound correct? Thx

I think it covers anybody getting CPPD or that has a DTC.
Maybe someone can find the definition of disability in the document.

Yes people on cppd do now qualify for the one time payment.

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So, if this goes through, do most the insurance companies then deduct that from your monthly check because they would say it’s extra income?

Did anyone that’s just on CPPD get the $600? I’m assuming you had to be getting the disability tax credit to receive those funds?


I think it says fall.
I hope by Oct.

I called Service Canada regarding the one-time payment of $600 for people with disabilities. The agent told me that the one-time payment will be issued “sometime in the Fall.”

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the $600 is for CPPD and DTC. You can only get one payment though. They will direct deposit it this sometime before end of year.

Thanks you so much for applying. This is honestly the most helpful website with being on long term disability and applying for CPP- it’s helped me through each process. Thank you!

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Yes. It’s been on CRA website quoted as such. Pretty open ended date “sometime in the fall”. I’d like to know what the legal date for “fall” is in legislation…freaking joke! Measly $600 one time payment and they can’t even give us a payment date. Meanwhile …like wth😡