Case Update 14.5 years - Accident Case - MVA - Settled

Hi all,
I have been here a number of years.

I was hit by an 18 wheeler carrying gasoline because someone tried to pass it. Looking at a head on collision, my vehicle on braking slid into it’s path. Disintegrated the car, I survived that accident. However, I suffer PTSD because of it. Some say ‘You are lucky you survived’, I say I was better of not. The surviving has been terrible, everyday. Anxiety, complete loss of previous personality. I have lived these 14.5 years in perpetual oblivion to who I was.

I went through settlement court, mediation, etc. The system and processes are terrible, victimizing the victim again.

I was progressing to a ‘Trial Court’, and had a final settlement court. It was different from the first one, and I accepted an offer after going back and forth for several hours.

I will move on, use the funds to secure my future, and continue to deal with occasional anxiety and depression from PTSD.

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That does sound terrifying. Congratulations on wrapping up the stressful legal side of it, now you can focus exclusively on healing. I hope one of the several new PTSD therapies being studied now will provide you some relief.