Can I retroactively claim disability for 1 day/week of 'leave w/out pay' (for medical reasons) for several years?


I was hired as a full-time employee in 2009, but in 2011 started working 4 d/wk for medical reasons (vision problems). This continued for several years until I stopped working in Oct 2015 and went on LTD. While working 4 days a week, after exhausting all the sick leave credits in a year, I took the 5th day off as ‘leave without pay’. Can I retroactively claim some form of compensation/disability benefits for this 1 day a week for several years?
I couldn’t deal with this earlier because I was too preoccupied with my health problems. I do have all the doctor’s certificates that I was to work 4 days for medical reasons, but I didn’t find anything directly applicable to a 4d/wk situation in the policy document (there are only some potentially relevant statements about leave without pay and commencement of benefits).


I would guess (just a guess) that since you are on LTD, your insurance company would not be willing to pay you partial STD (1 day/wk) but ask your insurance company.
There is also the possibility that even if you could get this money that it will be considered income and be deducted from your LTD.
I have no idea. :slight_smile:


I highly doubt it. Most policy’s have a time frame when you need to make a claim. You would have to been pre-approved for that-likely as part of a rehabilitation program. Also that would be 20% of your income and above most policy thresholds.
If you need to apply for CPP-D it shows that you tried to stay at work.