Buying a house while on LTD with insurance and CPP


I am planning to buy a house soon. I am on LTD and CPP D. Would it have any adverse impact on my benefits?


Enjoy your house.

another question, can I ask a letter from insurance company for mortgage approval? Any problems that I can encounter

Yes for a mortgage you will need that from your claims manager and also proof that you are still getting your CPPD payments.

I have a question.
I get a letter every year telling me how much LTD I get.
Is that good enough?

My letter said I was approved till age 65 (came with a separate cover letter saying but only if you still qualify…). I can’t say what the lender will accept, they did accept 3 months’ bank records for the CPPD instead of a letter from Service Canada.

No problem with asking for this. Many people get these letters.