Approved LTD &Approved CPP disability claims

I have been approved for LTD & CPP-Disability, yet my LTD Carrier has requested that I go to a specialist picked by them to put an specialized Physio program & “return to work” program and paid for by the LTD carrier. I have a physiotherapist that I have been working with & now they are asking me to travel 45 mins to specialist, or have them come to my home. I initially said I would participate in Physio program specialist - but the return to work piece is new. This concerns me now & wonder, can they force me to do this program & how will I cope with participating in 2 programs that I was struggling to do the 1st program - nothing in my condition has changed. I am feeling like I need a lawyer now, when my income is limited & my physical health is not great & adding this new Stressor is making it more difficult to cope
Please help guide me what I should or shouldn’t be doing.

What your Insurer is doing is “risk management” and you may wish to get a lawyer involved as Insurer’s only spend money to try and save money,

Cherry picked treatment providers to provide ongoing reports. Very likely you have to participate and cooperate under the policy --you generally have an obligation to mitigate and do everything reasonable to try and get better.

These treatment providers who are planning your treatment have legal and ethical obligations to you and your Insurer is also bound by a duty of good faith. You should be concerned and get educated on your rights. You should request a complete and full copy of your claim file asap with proof of receipt ie. via email or fax. You should also request a copy of the Master policy from your Insurer and your employer.

Before meeting with any specialist request that you be provided ahead of time with any and all intake forms prior to the appointments. Also advise that any reports be sent to you at the same time they are sent to your Insurer.

Don’t worry about upsetting them—Insurers only spend money to save money. You need to be humble and cooperative. Asking for the above is just doing your due diligence. They won’t like it–but it is very reasonable to ask for the above.

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Thank you for that very valuable information

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