Disability Tax Credit: Any tips?

I am wondering if anyone has any tips for a person with Mental Health issues when applying for the tax credit? I applied once before but didn’t get it (this was years ago) apparently I worded some things poorly (I didn’t use their lingo). I have been approved for CPPD now, so feel that may help my case. I definitely feel I qualify and have looked at the Disability Alliance web page for some tips as well, but would definitely feel I’d benefit from hearing the point of view of someone who has applied and been approved. I have a very supportive Doctor and know he will do everything he can to help…my Psychologist may be an option to help me out, so it’s not that I lack support!
Thanks for any insights, it’s much appreciated.

I think you can schedule appts with Disability Alliance and ask them to help you prepare the DTC application. If you can dig up your old application and the response they gave you when they denied, that may be helpful as well in the appt.


I may just do that!