Applying for ltd and question about previous years accidents settlements

I am totally confused. I am applying for LTD and my Case Manager sent me several forms asking me about ICBC cases that were settled 5 years ago? They are asking me how much money I got? Can they ask for things like this that happened many years ago and ICBC paid my employer for my time off work? I am so confused here. Thank you.

All I can think of is the insurance company thinks your disability now was caused by the accident from before and they think they can deduct the money.
How does the insurance company even know about the accident?
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Victoria, the company administering your LTD benefit can ask lots of questions to validate your current claim. It doesn’t mean they will deduct anything from your current claim. Every LTD plan is different and every case is different so you really do need some individual professional advice (i.e. not internet advice!) if you think they are overstepping.

Jammer - to answer your question - How does the insurance company know about the accident? Well, when you apply for LTD, you fill out a form and I think they ask if you have ever been off work. They probably ask about it in your telephone interview. Your employer also fills out a form detailing your employment and attendance history. The fact you have been previously off work is likely on those employer forms.

In addition, when you apply for LTD, and an an ongoing basis, you authorize the company administering your LTD claim to exchange your personal medical information to assess and administer your LTD claim, rehab, return to work, etc. Note they don’t discuss your diagnosis with your employer. Your personal medical information includes every medical visit you made to a medical doctor or other medical professionals. The LTD administrator may ask for a report from your doctor, but they may also go back and ask for your medical record (clinical notes, etc.). They can also get your full medical history (billing record - visit dates, physician code, diagnosis code, etc.) from your provincial health administrator for those who bill the provincial health plan (i.e. OHIP, AHCIP, MSP) and there are special billing codes that doctors must use in some provinces when your visit is due to a motor vehicle accident.

So, I would start assuming the LTD administrator can find out everything, because they can. Always best to be 100% up front with your current physician and your insurer. I think your credibility counts for a great deal, especially in difficult to prove cases.

Thank you so much for your answer.

I called my LTD and they said that they would only go for Wage Loss. They don’t touch pain and suffering. They asked very how much money I got for each accident and for me these accidents have nothing to do with my current case therefore, I was taken aback by it but as you said they may ask these questions.

Hopefully they don’t deduct anything. :slight_smile:
Best wishes.

Tell them that this information is confidential and that you have signed a non disclosure agreement. I don’t think they can force you to tell the amount of the settlement. Sometimes they cross the line thinking that you don’t understand your rights.