Apply for CPP-D children's benefit - confusion all around

So not surprised but Service Canada does not make it easy to understand how exactly you apply to receive these benefits. Their website states

Child of a disabled contributor:

complete the Application for Benefits for Under Age 18 Children of a Canada Pension Plan Disabled Contributor (ISP1152)
complete section F of the Application for Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits (ISP1151)
include certified true copies of the required documentation, and
mail the form to us or drop it off at a Service Canada office

So if I understand correctly Section F is where you include all the information regarding your children but that doesn’t mean they will get the benefits once your application is approved you still need to fill out form ISP 1152 meaning you need to do both. The reason I say this is because there is no “OR” between the 2 statements to mean that either you fill ISP1152 or complete section F of ISP1151.

Does anyone have any experience with this… do you need to do complete both or if you have filled out Section F that is enough?

Appreciate your responses to this. Thanks in advance!

Its actually pretty straigh forward as I have recently gone through this application. In Section F ISP1151 I listing my children’s info and sent a true copy of their birth certificates. If you are children are under 18 you will get approx. $264 for each child which gets added to your CPPD. If the children are over 18 and between 18-25 and are going to a valid post secondary institution they will receive the $264 directly paid to them. Your CPPD and the children’s benefit increases each year with inflation. Hope that helps.

Thanks Harvey, that makes sense than what is on their website. Did the Children’s benefit payments get added to CPP-D payments right aways (on first CPP-D payment) or was their delay between regular CPP-D payments and all inclusive (CPP-D+Children’s Benefit) payments. Hoping they all started at the same time as seems like it takes awful lot of time for different steps of the application.

It was added right away. My backpay including my CPPD and the child portion and my regular CPPD included my child portion right away as well. When I received the call from Service Canada about my approval they gave me all of the financial breakdown right on the phone. It was very organized.

Oh okay, that’s actually good, thanks again Harvey!