Applied, but haven't heard back yet. Will working a little bit mess me up?

Hey everyone. So I applied for CPP-D a while ago and have been told I should be hearing back in Jan. I have an opportunity to work a job that I would work 3-4 hours a week and make $100-$200 or maybe a bit more a month. This would be a big deal for me.

I’m just wondering if working this job would sink my application. Reading through the adjudication framework it doesn’t seem like it, as it’s not “substantially gainful employment.” But I may have misread it, and of course what the rules are and what happens are often different things. Just wondering if anyone knew one way or the other. Also if I have to even report it. I assume I do of course. And thanks to everyone that answers stuff. This forum has been very helpful.

Welcome to the forum.

I’m not a lawyer.

I think you read it right, it is not “substantially gainful employment.”.
The only concern I would have is to make sure you not doing things for work (keeping a schedule, etc) if your application specifically said you can’t do those things (I think the CPPD people are more compassionate than insurance companies :-)).

Best wishes.