Anyone else being "left alone" because of covid-19?

I have noticed since covid-19 started that I have not heard from my case manager once in almost 4 months. I must say, it is lovely and I am enjoying it. I would have assumed they would have kept working from home, but apparently not? Have you found that your case manager has left you alone lately? It is amazing how much less stress and anxiety I have because of it. Whenever I see an email from my case manager my anxiety soars.

My case manager called me the last time on March 10 just before the lockdown. Haven’t heard from her ever since. I guess she realizes that I am not able to go for any therapy or see doctors as everything is closed, my GP only talks to his patients on the phone now, also I won’t be able to go back to work because everybody in my office are working from home till September or maybe even later. I think she doesn’t even know that I see my psychiatrist online. I don’t see the point for her to even call me. Of course, I am enjoying it. It feels like a vacation now. Hopefully it will stay this way.

It is true.


I have been making the first contact, so to speak, and just letting them know that things have been up in the air, appointments via phone, employer situation, and that I will keep them updated as soon as I know more (or by “x” date, etc). They’ve been pretty understanding. Remember too that most of them have been working from home as well, and cases that aren’t a huge priority are probably not on their immediate radar. Everyone’s had to adjust. :slight_smile:

That said, I’ve never found a horror movie to scare me, but a phone call from my insurer will send me into the realms of panic. It’s quite maddening!

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Mine contacted me a month ago wanting more information from my doctor and wanting to try to initiate a back to work program NOW. :unamused: My Doctor is barely seeing patients in person, and writing reports like this is not on her list of priorities.

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This is interesting to hear. I can say from our perspective in dealing with the insurance companies in appeals and lawsuits, they are definitely working at reduced capacity. Some insurers are only going 4 days per week (shutting down on Fridays), so I am not sure exactly what is going on for that to happen.

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I have not been left alone, in fact, it seems my file is flagged as I am receiving messages from my insurer questioning my care and pushing me towards an eventual return to work after they told my employer I was never coming back.

Go figure! I’m happy for those that are being left alone however, send some of that good mojo my way!