No contact with LTD case manager

Hi. I have been on Ltd/CPP disability since 2016. At least once a month I would receive a phone call from my insurance company for an update. Since June 2019 I have not heard a single word from them since my Psychologist sent them my report stating that I had severe CPTSD along with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and was not even ready to begin any form of back to work plan. Is it normal to not hear from them since June or is it MY duty to contact them? It’s just making me very anxious and scared that I am in contact wtih them myself. Thank you for any response.


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They would contact you if they wanted, don’t worry.
I only get contacted once a year.
It is likely they decided you’re not “low hanging fruit”.
Try not to worry.

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Thank you for the response. I wasn’t used to that saying “low hanging fruit” so I looked it up and yes, I agree with that analogy :slight_smile:

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They contact me about every five months now. I love it because they are not interrogating me every month. :smiley::grin: