Allowing Insurance company to deduct Retroactive Payment Signing Form 1618 A-B

My insurance company has sent me CPPD application package in which there is a form 1618 AB authorizing my insurance company to get the full retroactive payment and also allow service Canada to communicate with my insurance. Is it a must to sign this form?

Would really appreciate some guidance on this.


David has made a post on this exact topic. Here is the link which should answer your questions:

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thankyou this is really valuable information

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Hi, no you don’t have to sign it or consent for them to receive correspondence from CPPD. I filled out my forms was approved. When I received my retroactive pay, I contacted and send my caseworker the approval notice to inform her. She interned sent it to the appropriate person, and she informed me what I owed to them. I sent them off a cheque.

thankyou. Is the retroactive payment only for 11 months max. Its been 2.5 years since i have been disabled but somewhere in the forms I saw that they only pay for max of 11 months

Hi Mathew

Yes I believe they only go back 11 months.

At the end of year you will get a income tax slip for the full amount your received including the retro. But the tax slip from the insurance company will offset it.

Hope this helps


thanks and by offset you mean I wont be paying tax on the retro payment since it went straight to the insurance company right?

Yeah cuz they have already deducted the tax from it

That’s only if your LTD payments were taxable. If the payments were untaxable you might end up with a tax bill for your CPPD. You can ask CRA to split it over the years it was paid for to reduce your tax.