WSIB coverage while still recovering from COVID

My neighbour caught Covid while working at a LTD.
She was on a respirator for two weeks and thankfully lived to tell the story. She has only been home for about a month and WSIB phoned to tell her because she now has tested negative they are going to cut her off. She is still very weak and dizzy and quite unable to work. Can they force her to initiate LTD from her employer? Thanks for your help!
Update she went off WSIB, and has used up most if her sick day. Can she go back on WSIB if her doctors tell her she can’t go back to work yet. Thanks for tbe help.

I have no idea.
I would call Resolute for a free consult.

Yes, she should be appealing the WSIB decision to terminate. The post COVID symptoms and recovery is also disabling for many people. Not always permanently, but she would need doctors to confirm her status.

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