Wait times to apply after lock in from WSIB

I was told by another injured work on WSIB to wait to apply for CPPD after being locked in to age 65 so WSIB cannot touch the CPPD claim After being locked in does someone have to wait to apply for CPPD without WSIB being able to deduct CPPD from my claim or can they apply right away? Also if CPPD goes retroactive do I have to reimburse WSIB anything? I don’t receive and had to fight to get the 42% of my lost wages I was making just below or just over $100,000.00/year Many WSIB doctors/specialists said I’ll never work again at anything my NEL is 62% I just feel I’ve been through so much worked so hard at job I loved and I can’t get the 85% Loss of my earnings is just unlawful and in humane WSIB really messes you up I’m mother and father 24/7 and im not getting the child support order by the courts unless my ex files his income taxes then I get say his GST refund My youngest my daughter has given up a lot to help care for me giving up much childhood which so unfair to her I lost all my medical/dental coverage from both my jobs Thank you for your time

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I doubt WSIB can’t touch CPP-D if it relates to your WSIB claim.

What’s NEL?
If it is % of work income you get for LTD then I only get 61% of far less than $100k.
Why did you expect 85%, I’ve never heard of that much?

I don’t know anything about WSIB.
This may be useful:
I suspect you would need to phone Service Canada about CPP-D and WSIB.

I was told once you are locked in until 65 years of age they cannot touch it Not to apply for CPPD because WSIB can take whatever your CPPD is off what WSIB compensates before the lock in workmen comp. I was told by my legal rep that I had to wait 2 years after my lock in to applying for CPPD so comp can’t touch it and he would help me apply I think this is out greed to be honest I’ve paid him already thousands for lacksy daisy work i did his job for him advocating for myself get my report ect I know I can apply on my own A NEL is a non economical loss its measured in percentage of losses of bodily function mental emotional ECT caused by a work illness or injury 62% is fairly high for what WSIB is doing to people recently I’m bedridden with everything that goes with it I was/am a registered nurse in home palliative care ECT injury my back then a surgeon messed up my spinal fusion twice I have a screw on a nerve root in my spine no one will fix, now left with Arachnoiditis and CRPS/RSD as well other injuries to my spine and neck that were never addressed its a fight for everything while human rights and dignity laws are not honored It’s not LTD and I’m not sure how that works. Workmen compensation is 85% of your lost earnings basically your gross income minus taxes ECT which makes it a nontaxable income I can’t write off anything or apply for the disability tax credit either hope this helps

Is he a lawyer or a union rep?

Isn’t that malpractice?

I wish you luck.

Yes its malpractice but to sue in Canada takes 5 to 7 years If I sued it would change a work accident to malpractice I would of lost workmen comp With kids no support or income I wouldn’t of been able to take care of my kids being their only parent wasn’t an option to sue but ty for your relies