Union is not helping to appeal?

I am very frustrated. What should I do now?

@David_Brannen would be the best person to assist you. I would contact him directly. I wish you all the best.

Out of curiosity, why has your union declined to assist you with your appeal?

@David_Brannen can I get your help sir?

Thank you for NILI for your response. They didn’t declined to help but I have requested for a call but haven’t received yet.

I am tried lawyer but I get to know they can’t help federal employee :disappointed:

Thanks but I’m very stressed because I have made a mistake saying I will try to go back to work full time. I was being honest not knowing the insurance policy.

Insurance companies only understand the language of money. They don’t care about a person’s honesty and sincerity. They are cunning and ruthless. Moving forward, do not communicate anything to the insurance company or your employer unless you get advice from someone like @David_Brannen or a disability lawyer of your choice. Make an appointment with your doctor and ask him/her to write a letter stating that you made the statement, “I will try to go back to work full time,” under extreme stress, that you weren’t in the right frame of mind and that, therefore, you are unable to return to work part-time or full-time. Mention this to your union when they return your call. I’m not sure about this, but I think you could get the Ontario Labour Relations Board involved if the union refuses to help you… again, I’m unsure about this… @David_Brannen would be able to clarify and confirm if this is a possible recourse.

Hi NILI, I inboxed you, it seems to me that you can provide me right information. Thanks a lot.

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Unfortunately frustration is part of the game. Not sure of the nature of your disability (mental or physical or combo); however, trying your best to be patient and understand that so many workers may be overwelmed means that you are not forgotten but timely responses are impossible. Fed govt, your union MUST help you or give reasons why they cannot. My suggestion is to answer the ins co questions (Sunlife?) through your doctor. Your doctor can input a phrase depicting that you over estimated your capabilities blah blah and the valid reasons why you cannot work nor try work place accommodations. What does look good is try to go back to work with accoms (less work, less time) for a month or so and then if you cannot continue resubmit. Unions are usually very limited in what they can help you with unless the problems with your LTD is management derived like getting appropriate accoms, working hours, saving your position etc. In my opinion, the lawyer route to settle is the last resort because your end goal would be to get 70% of your salary until you reach 65 yrs NOT a very limited settlement. If you do become successful on LTD, you can also try to get CPPD and PS Pension which will be 100 % offsetted but at todays rate. Your CPP and PS pension increases each year but LTD co only offsets the amounts reported in the first year. From, bin der dun dat! :slight_smile:

They have no choice but to “duty to accommodate “
If you try to go back to work on a casual or part time basis, under your Drs care of course. You should still receive your LTD pro rated of course depending on your policy. If you and your Dr decide take you are not able to then your Dr will put you back out.

Hi Kiddomoase,
Are you suggesting me to go back to work before LTD has been approved?

No I’m not suggesting that. I’m stating that the employer has to accommodate.

So you have not been approved to date for LTD?

Be sure that you and your Dr have filled out the correct forms. That was the issue in my case. They gave me the wrong forms. They sent me the ones for physical when it should of been for Mental health.

Hi Kiddomoase, they sent me the correct form. However, I wasn’t able to find out my PSAC ID from the local president of my union. I have paid union, am I not unionized? I know it’s a stupid question to ask!


Take a look on your pay stub If you pay union dues there will be a deduction on you paystub

Yes, I did paid union. But now my manager sent me a labor relation officer’s name without any contract number or email. What should I do?

Thank you in advance!

You can request the ID info through the psac website