APPEAL or RETURN to WORK are my only options


I am a nurse, off work sick with medical issues since last fall. Exhausted my short term sick and E.I sick pay, now have NO income. Still an employee of the hospital. Unable to work. Applied for LTD (which I have been paying into that fund for 25 years) and was denied. Filed my appeal at the end of May. Still submitting medical tests, assessments info. Read your introductory page. My only options are to go through with this appeal or return to work in agony and in a full blown depression. What happens to my employment status if I seek to take legal action? How do I pay for a lawyer if I have no money? I am 5 years away from retirement. What is your best advice? Thanks, Jack


Are you Union-is that why your only options are through the appeal or return to work? Is your union failing to represent you? is the link for a free consult.

Unfortunately the appeal process is often just a way for an Insurer to delay–and appear to be looking fair. provides advice on how to appeal


Yes union but not very helpful and don’t get involved.


I am just a regular person-not a lawyer.

I would write out your questions and go for the free consult. Your Union -maybe failure to represent?

Are you then stuck with Arbitration. Hard situation. A lawyer will represent you but they then typically take 30%

Better than nothing-Hang in there


Thank you very much.