Is there a cost to obtain a copy of your claim file?

Do insurance companies normally charge a fee if you request a full and complete copy of your own claim file for LTD? I saw David mentioning a fee of $50-75 in an older post but no-one else seems to have mentioned a fee so just wondering what everyone’s experience is. Thanks

I think they are allowed to charge a reasonable fee.

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I’ve sent you a redacted version of the letter I sent (below) back in 2020. I didn’t have to pay for anything. Hope it helps. I apologize for the messiness.


Thanks NILI, that’s great.

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Thanks NILI. That’s super helpful. Did you mail it to the Privacy Officer by registered post? I have an online secure link I’m required to use to send in any documents but not sure who is notified when I submit a document. I usually also email my case manager and tell her I have submitted a document via the secure link.

The fee David mentioned is probably “reasonable” but would make me cautious as to the timing of requesting my full file. I may just hold off for a while and request it when things start getting sketchy.

My pleasure! Hope it helps.

My pleasure. Yes, I mailed it to the privacy officer at my LTD’s address. I sent it by regular mail. I made sure that I kept a copy for myself. Please note that I sent the request for my file AFTER my LTD claim was approved. It’s up to you how you want to proceed.

Gotcha. Thanks. I’m still early into my LTD but think it would be good to get a copy of my file, especially if they’ll do it at no charge!

Hopefully, your LTD privider doesn’t charge.

If they send you a receipt, you could contact them and complain that you were never made aware that there’d be a charge for your request, and that you would appreciate it if they’d kindly waive the fee considering the difficult times we all live in.

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Thanks NILI. Yes, I hope so too. If they do charge, I’ll be as polite as possible and request them to waive it. Being nice can go a long way :blush: