TFSA capital gains and dividends & CPPD

I will be receiving a gift sum from a relative for my TFSA, will this lump sum that appear out of nowehere in my bank account and then contributed to my TFSA raise flags for CPPD? Also, what about capital gains and dividends that I receive by investing this TFSA money, will this cause concern for them as well?


Neither is a problem. They are looking for income from work only. Income from investments, gifts, and rental income from renting out a part of your house are all allowed. If you are getting money for non-current work things from your employer they will ask about the income on the T4 but they won’t ask about the other things.

Since TFSA doesn’t involve a T4, I assume TFSA should not raise flags for my LTD payments right?

Investments do not cause problems anyway. They have never asked me about my earnings in my RRSP, my TFSA or my taxable investment account or a large gift from my mum to even out what she gave to my siblings to help with their mortgages that I then dumped into my TFSA. They did ask about my stock options from my employer but didn’t deduct anything after I explained it was options that I received before I got sick. You are fine.