CPP-D Lump Sum for Prior Years

I know that it has been discussed several times:

being one of them. However, every case is always different so I thought I would try to describe my specific situation, and hope someone can provide a specific answer.

My LTD was/is not taxed. After approval, CPP-D made the lump sum payment to Sun Life covering several prior years. To date, I haven’t received anything from Sun Life. My T4A(P) indicates the entire lump sum being received in 2018. I was told by someone that I could apply it to the proper years, but I don’t remember if that was CRA, CPP, or someone else I talked to. I was expecting they would handle it for me, and issue T4A(P) for each year, and I would just need to file a correction for prior years.

I’m 99% sure I’m not eligible for DTC, so I don’t think that enters the situation.

Can anyone confirm the process for me? If it was only a couple hundred, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but this would make a few thousand dollar difference.

I called CRA and they indicated that the amount paid to Sun Life should be an “other deduction” for line 232 of the federal form. I struggled to find the place in ufile.ca to enter it until a while after I spoke to her. I’ve now found the location, and will call them back to try to confirm 100%.

You won’t get a t4 from sunlife since you’re ltd is not taxed

I don’t know how to get your lump sums divided into the years they are for.