Son turn ed 18 will cppd child benefit still impact odsp?

Hi there. My son receives cpp child benefit because I am on cpp disability. He lives with his other parent who is on odsp. She has had his benefit taken off her monthly amount for the last several years penny for penny. Now that he is 18, she is scared to allow him to send his form in, because she is scared it will be taken off her cheque each month still. I dont think that is the case, but he is part of her family unit and I wold hate to give bad advice. My understanding is that he can get two hundred monthly in income wihtout issue, then half of anything over two hndred without it penalizing her…If so, wouldnt the cpp d child benefit be the same?

So now that he is 18, he doesn’t get the child benefit?
I do not know.
It seems unfair that his child benefit was deducted from her ODSP.
How can they deduct his child benefit that he is no longer getting?
I don’t know the answer to your question.
I would ask on an ODSP group (google groups?) if no one here knows.
I’d be pretty careful about ODSP too, I have a friend who gets that and some of the stories would scare anyone.