Short term disability appeal or file new claim


Hello, I became pregnant in March & was taken off ADHD/anxiety meds due to the risks to the baby. I started having severe panic attacks/concentration issues. Work placed on a 30 day performance improvement plan (PIP) or fired. Doc pulled me out of work for 6 wks & on twice a week therapy. My STD claim was denied (read entire claim file). It appears docs notes over 6 wks therapy (stating inability to sleep, not leaving house, not gaining weight in pregnancy & severe panic attacks) were ignored. They took the most recent doc stmt that I would try to return PT for rest of pregnancy and continue therapy as not severe and denied claim.

I returned to work PT in mid July & back on PIP. I was told I will be fired Mon as I’m not meeting expectations. Due to worsened symptoms, my psychiatrist is putting me a inpatient/partial hospitalization program tomorrow.

Q’s: Will starting a hospital program hurt my appeal (bc therapy didn’t work)?

Q’s: Would my hospitalization be considered a new STD claim? If yes, will I lose my ability to appeal the first claim by filing this one?

Q’s: to help appeal, can I legally submit emails from work stating I am not meeting expectations? I have one from HR denying my work accommodation request as the request would mean I can’t perform essential functions of the role.
Q’s: will getting a correcting statement from psychiatrist help my appeal?


It would probably be the same claim.
It is typical for anything within 6 months for the same illness to be treated as the same claim.

The other questions are too legal for me.
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The way they treat you is not right. It’s like saying that people with disabilities should not have babies. I know someone who was able to get accomodation and fair treatment at work through Human Rights Commission.You should have one in your area. Give them a call and see if you qualify for their help.