How much retro goes to Ltd provider

My last pymt from Ltd was in June. I received 12 months and got cancelled. This month, November, I applied for cpp disability with grave and prolonged poly neuropathy all four limbs. So, most likely will be approved within a month. How many months of retroactive will I owe the Ltd provider? Six months? I did not allow cppd to contact the Ltd provider since. I’m not receiving payment since June.

First of all check your LTD policy to make sure that CPPD is a deduction in the first place. If it is, then it goes month by month. If you get CPPD and LTD for the same month then you will have to pay it over. You will need to check the date that CPPD agreed to date your disability from and pay over the CPPD for any overlapping months.

Are you planning to appeal the ending of your LTD benefits? You may need to act quickly on that.

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Thanks so much for your insight. The Ltd does state any earned income or other benefits. So, maybe I’ll get to keep six months depending on the date cppd retroactive is.
Not appealing Ltd.
The dr did put that she recommended stop working, so very hopeful to be approved.

If the government deems you have a severe and prolonged disability then you definitely qualify
for LTD benefits.

If you end up getting approved for CPP-D it definitely means your LTD insurer should NEVER have cut your benefits, and they have breached your LTD policy (which is illegal). Qualifying for CPP-D is more difficult than LTD. Even if you don’t qualify for CPP-D it still could doesn’t mean your LTD benefits should have ended.

So definitely call a lawyer a have them do a consultation/review of your case. All the good LTD laywers ALWAYS do this for free. If a lawyer wants a retainer or charge a fee to review or take on your LTD case please find different LTD lawyer as it’s a major red flag when a lawyer wants $$$ upfront for an LTD case.

Forgot to add, if you get retro CPP-D don’t give any of it to the LTD insurer. They don’t get to cut you off and then say they are owed retro CPP-D…that just doesn’t make any sense for them to ask for retro CPP-D but also say you don’t qualify for LTD benefits.

Agree with the above, as long as the LTD was for more than 1 year. Some aren’t. Although I kind of remember from earlier questions that there might have been a specific exclusion in the LTD policy that the LTD said excluded coverage for their particular condition which sucks. From the details I remember it would be fair to take the position that it shouldn’t have been excluded.

The Ltd would have been longer, but due to alcohol use , and it was mentioned in the medical records, Ltd said that is substance abuse and kicked me out. Cppd doesn’t do that. I have several health problems that would qualify for cppd and the dr put prolonged and grave condition, and that she said to quit work and My condition will deteriorate and I would never work again.
I know I owe Ltd some of the retro, but I don’t trust them enough to give them access to my bank. So as soon as I get retroactive I want to pay them what I owe and be done with them. Hopefully if I only owe the overlap, I get to keep six months of the retro.
Thank you both for your replies.

Hi. Did they provide you with the specific wording (in writing) from your policy that states because your disability is caused by substance abuse that you are not eligible for LTD? If it doesn’t have that wording, then they have illegally cut you off, and are taking advantage of you.

I’ve seen critical illness policies contractually disqaulify people for alcohol misuse, but I have yet to see that wording on any LTD policy (I’ve seen about 10 of them). You sure your claims manager didn’t make a “mistake” and got the two sections confused ? I’d ask them for the specific wording (in writing) from the LTD section of the policy that says you are disqualified for abusing alcohol.

Also, if your alcohol misuse isn’t the only cause of your disability then they have breached your LTD contract. This seems really fishy (and wrong) what the insurer has done. LTD Claims managers flat out lie to your face while seeming super nice and supportive…seen it way too many times to be convinced otherwise. I would definitely talk to a lawyer.

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Also, if they haven’t made a mistake and that wording is actually in your LTD policy did your doctor call it alcohol use or alcohol absue? The LTD insurer can’t just say your alcohol use is abuse.

Anyways get a free consult from a lawyer, You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. : )

The Ltd sent a letter with it clearly worded. They did include the section of the policy that shows alcohol is considered substance abuse. And a nice lady in medical records at the drs office gave me a copy of the questionnaire sent to my dr. So I saw the questions and answers. The dr said I am not going to get much better if at all if I stop drinking and he stated I do it for pain and that newly prescribed gabapentin may help me cut back, but I will never work again either way.
The cppd paperwork from my dr says severe and progressive polyneuropathy all four limbs , pre diabetes, secondary to etoh (alcohol use).
Thank you for your reply. This forum is so helpful.

Sorry to beat a dead horse, but did they send you the actual pages from the master policy/contract that stated this (with Long Term Disability clearly shown in the header) or just “wording” in the denial letter.

The reason I ask is because I helped someone in a similar situation. They also got a letter stating they aren’t covered for LTD due to substance abuse. They sent they policy wording in the denial letter, but it looked odd and the page headings of the reference documents weren’t clearing defined. I told her to get the entire master policy contract from her insurer, and once we had it it was clear that there was no such wording in the LTD section of the policy and only mentioned in the Critical Illness section.

She was too afraid and run down to confront them, so I called her claims adjuster on her behalf an pointed out their error. I said if they don’t reverse theirs decision immediately they will be dealing with her lawyer that specializes in LTD claims for what clearly looks like a gross breach of contract that also looks incredibly unethical and not just a simple mistake. I also mentioned my good friend at Global news is also interested in this “mistake”. We then sent an email following the call stating the same…her LTD benefits were reinstated within 5 business days.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes, they sent the pages from the policy. It’s Manulife. Even my boss tried to help, and our home office HR manager.
That’s awesome that you helped that person get payments reinstated.
I really appreciate the help and information here.
I just want to make sure I pay Manulife the correct amount of retroactive from Cppd.
Thanks so much.

Sorry to hear that clause is in your LTD policy. That’s definitely a first I’ve heard of it being in an LTD policy. Does anyone else have a substance abuse/misuse clause in their LTD policy?

Best wishes for your health and upcoming CPP-D approval.

Just wanted to add that cppd received my application on the 22nd and today they called to say one year in retro is coming and monthly benefit is approved until I am 65. That was fast. And only six months of it overlaps with when Manulife paid.

That’s great news, congrats. Now apply for the disability tax credit if you don’t already have it. :slight_smile:

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Happy to read this good news.

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Assuming that your LTD policy allows for CPP disabity deduction (which most likely it does), then the LTD is entited to repayment for any past months where there was an overlapping LTD and CPP payment. Your CPP disability approval letter will include a statement showing what past months the retroactive CPP payment covers. Just go through that an put a check on any of those months. you had an LTD payment. That is how much you would owe back to the LTD.

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Thank you. I have now emailed the case worker telling them that I owe 8 months and asking them for the bank routing number etc so that I can pay them.