Restless leg syndrome (RLS)

Can RLS be considered a disability?

RLS makes you feel an uncontrollable urge to move your legs. Often this feeling strikes at night, and it can rob you of sleep.

Can a person take time off when RLS causes sleep deprivation that effects performance on the job?

Can employer or insurance company force a sufferer to take medication? (Epileptic medication.)

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Do you mean a disability that is sever enough not to work?
If you have tried to treat it and your doctor says you can’t work because of it then I don’t see why not.

If you have tried to treat it and your doctor says you can’t work because of it then I don’t see why not.

Yes, if it is conventional treatment you have an obligation to try it.
If there is no conventional treatment for it then they can’t force you to be a guinea pig.

I would think you should be referred for a sleep study–usually a long wait. Is the lack of sleep adding or causing depressive and/or anxiety. Keeping a sleep diary and discussing a plan with your Dr. would be helpful. The mayo clinic link has a good section on what to talk about with your Dr.

The wait for a sleep study might depend on location or time of year.
I only waited a couple of months.

Sleep study is complete, that is how it was diagnosed.

Did the sleep study because of lack of ability to sleep-insomnia which causes anxiety.


No treatment was suggested?

Yes, prescription for epileptic seizure medication which is intrusive and multiple side effects.

I don’t know the answer.
You are disabled but can be treated with medication.
If your doctor supports you and agrees you can’t work because of the side effects then I think you have a case.
The insurance company can’t force you to keep taking medication but you probably had a duty to try typical treatments (which you did).
I would get the free consult from Resolute: Free Consultation Request — Resolute Legal

Have a record that you tried it and had side effects-ask doctor for something else. Your doctor has to be the one to stop the medication

I have severe RLS. I was prescribed gabapentin at night only so I can sleep. It helps.

Me too.
Some people have side effects with gabapentin I think.

I also have a script for medical marijuana. I use a thc oil which lasts through the night.

Not everybody gets every side effect.
They list any side effect that anyone reports (maybe it interacted with their other medications).