Resign before CPP application approved? or wait?

I have a question about current employment and CPP Disability. I sent in my application, along with the Dr’s portion in August. Service Canada called in September, confirming that they received my application and they had no further questions at that time; my file would be forwarded to the Adjudicator and I would hear in approximately four months.

I know from reading this forum that the wait time is considerably more and my question pertains to my current job. I am on an unpaid leave of absence (I used the available EI and STD - the company has no LTD plan for employees) and continue to give them letters from my specialist/ every few months extending my LOA, pending the CPP decision. I’m physically unable to go back, but will resigning now hurt my CPP application? Does CPP contact my employer? Does CPP frown upon resigning prior to an approval (or appeal as the case may be)? It’s been a year total thus far that I’ve been away from work.

I ask because resigning now would give me some income that I haven’t had since August (unused vacation time, stat pays, etc., which would definitely help financially). I think they and I both know I won’t be back but wasn’t going to officially resign until I had a decision from CPP.

Thanks in advance

They usually contact your doctor and not your employer. CPP is based on prior contributions into the program. They know that you don’t contribute any more. I don’t think they even care if you are employed or not.

Is there a way you can access those payouts without terminating the employment contract just yet? End of their fiscal year payout maybe so they can clear their bookkeeping? Could there be a slight chance for you to go back if not approved for CPPD?

CPPD may contact them just to confirm there is no room for accommodating your illness i.e. change of job to a different department? but as long as you have supporting medical documentation for your inability to work it’s doubtful it will matter to them that you are no longer employed.

I had a dozen employees who went on CPPD over the course of my HR career and CPPD never once called to confirm their claim with the company.

Hi Marilyn,

Thanks for the response.

Unfortunately, when I asked my HR department after my STD ended, I was told they will only pay out stats/vacation upon resignation, or I go back to work and use the actual time as paid days off.

I was working in a LTC facility, where there’s no modified/accommodations that they were able to make prior to my LOA. I was also told that unless I get a full “zero modifications/zero accommodations” health check from my specialist (not going to happen), I can’t go back and they’ve already agreed my condition(s) do not realistically allow for retraining into another department, ie: dietary/nursing/housekeeping.

I guess it may be best to hold off resigning until the new year and see what January brings as far as CPPD’s response to my application. I’m seeing the specialist again this week and will have him extend my LOA through the next few months.

Thank you for reaching out!

I can’t really speak to your situation specifically, but as a general rule resigning employment has no impact on a CPP disability application. The criteria for approving the application have nothing to do with your employment status. CPP does sometimes contact employers (if you give them permission) but you don;'t have to be a current employee. They will contact former employers as well.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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Rayven, do you get any other benefits from work that you use? Like extended medical, drug coverage, dental /glasses etc?

Mr. Brannen - thank you for your response. I did give them permission in my application to contact my employer if necessary, but haven’t heard if they have done so. I have had the same employer a little over 9 years now, so I didn’t include any previous employer information. My specialist appointment this week gave me a LOA extension to April, at which time I’ll hopefully have my CPP concluded (and approved), and resign at that time. Or, ideally, sooner than that and base my resignation letter off of the approval.

Caro - No, I have zero medical benefits with this job. That is to say, other than the short term disability, of which I used the full 15 weeks, that ended in August. So, from that angle, it’s not preventing me from leaving.