Receiving Disability Payments While Attending School


hi there, i was on std…even though i had submitted all forms from dr’s etc…i was called veery 2nd day and advised of company supervisors advising manulife I was attending university while on STD. Disturbing as this was, I was cut off my funding and left to fight for funding. It has left great impact on me throughout the healing process. Any words of encouragement ? Any info I can pass onto those that may be affected by a similar circumstance? I’m glad I stumbled upon this site…I wish I could have had access to this through my ordeal :slight_smile:


It is very rare that an insurance company would continue to pay short or long-term disability benefits for a person who is attending university or any type of daily schooling. They believe that if you are well enough to attend school on a regular basis, then you should be able to work on a regular basis.


Hi David, I guess I should have been clearer. I was not attending university. It was fabricated by a supervisor. Manulife would not release any other info to me other than “what the company representative assumed” .


You should wait for the “denial letter” from Manulife that should list the reasons they are denying your disability claim. If they list “attending university” as one of the reasons, then you should clarify in your appeal that you are not attending university. Try to figure out why the insurance rep assumed this and clarify why that person was wrong. If you are unsuccessful in your appeal you would have to look at taking legal action against Manulife.