RDSP Re-Approval

I was re-approved for the DTC at 51 (I used to have the DTC from 2011-2013), and despite my age, the government put $8,000 extra in my RDSP account on April 2024. Is this because of the past 10 years backup?

Uh that’s really weird, the government is supposed to stop contributing at age 49.

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Why did they cancel your DTC in 2013 and then why weren’t you forced to close your RDSP?

The $8k is probably for 2014-until-you-were-49 back payments.

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I wasn’t disqualified, it’s me who asked the government to stop making payments in 2013. But this year I wanted back the rdsp, so I guess that’s why they put $8,000. But I didn’t think they would add more money because I’m 51.

It’s worth it, if you can contribute. Because I didn’t contribute there’s next to nothing. The maximum you can get with contributions is $90,000

But the $8,000 surprised me. At least there’s a bit of money lol

You declined the free money…by choice?
Ok, you don’t to explain but that’s the first time I heard of that.

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Either way, I’m fine.