Estimated Monthly CPP Benefits

ServiceCanada knows my age and therefore the number of years to 65.
Is the “Estimated Monthly CPP Benefits” as if I am 65 now or is that the estimate for when I am 65?

Their calculator is seriously flawed, it assumes that you will continue earning the same level of benefits until you’re 65. You should be able to use your current CPPD amount to calculate what your benefits would be at age 65 from the formula here: CPP Disability Payment Amounts 2021: How to Know How Much You Get [+Video] - Resolute Legal Disability Lawyers


I “think” it is an estimate of what you will get when you are actually 65, and it will probably be adjusted for inflation each year. That is the estimate will probably increase a bit each year.

I was under 60 when I got CPP-D so what does this mean?

If you have been in receipt of a CPP disability pension after age 60, the APE calculation is somewhat different.

It seems too complicated. :frowning:

It’s a weird formula, CPPD is 75% of what you would get at age 65 plus a flat rate amount. Once you turn 65 you go into regular CPP which is less than CPPD, but you can also get OAS and maybe GIS.

Jammer that has something to do with how you calculate in wage inflation and CPI inflation before your regular pension starts. So complicated. You could try asking Doug your questions here: Any questions about CPP? - Financial Wisdom Forum

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Doug Runchey is the best person to answer this type of question! We have a video of me interviewing him on our YouTube channel where he discusses this and other topics.

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