No check for the long weekend

How does a case worker forget to send you your check. Thats bs to me. Ive done nothing but cater to her every demand. Oh I’m sorry for the delay. I have checked and it has been processed today. I will call you next .week.

That is why I let them do direct deposit.
If you don’t want them to access your bank, get another bank just for them and transfer the money out.

I do have direct deposit. She just said sorry for the delay. She must of held it for some stupid reason. 2 nd time now.

That is weird because I got my deposit.
Is this CPP-D?

Its ltd. She gave no reason as to why. She released it friday is all.

Oh, your insurance company is screwing you.
Is it the 2nd missed month?

Does anyone know if all payments are manually processed for all insurance companies?

Its the second time they do this since February

You shouldn’t have to phone them every time they do it.
I guess when you get frustrated enough and you think it is worth it, you could sue.
I don’t have any suggestions.
Best of luck.

I have compied with everything they asked of me. Drs and updates and psychiatrist. Meds. Everything. Its so damn frustrating. It stresses me out more. Dr said they shouldn’t be bothering you now that work date is unknown as per drs.

Did you get your payment today?

I really feel sorry for the troubles they are causing you.
Did the doctor write a letter to the insurance company saying them paying you late is causing your medical condition to get worse?

No I did not as of yet. And i may ask her to do that.

Case worker called this morning and blamed it on the long weekend. She’s extending my payments til September and then there will be another phone call from her for more updates even though shes bern told by my dr that work date is much more can they harass me. How much more can i take.

Are you near 2 years on LTD?

Nope almost 1 year july 31

They need to pick up their socks.
There is no reason to d*ck around that early.

This is what im told by people on ltd. They just want me back at work so they don’t need to pay me anymore. My drs say otherwise.

Don’t let the insurance company bully you.

Exactly what they are doing

This is absolutely ridiculous. I finally got my check No reason as to why they held my check. I gave her an update as per my drs. And how i am still feeling so she said ok we will extend your payments until September. She wants another update end of August from my primary dr. My psychiatrist my rheumatologist and the other 2 appointments i have for second opinions for my lungs before starting a new med. i cant deal with this.

Do you have a relative that could do it for you?