Keep your eyes posted for the progress of the new “CDB” income!
Only applies to individuals of working age and mimics the current GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement).

No details. :frowning:
What is “working age”?

18-65 years old I would presume. Or possibly earlier if you took early cpp retirement?
That will be all laid out in the final regulations of bill c35

Since this mimics the GIS, anybody who has a partner who works will probably rule you out regardless of how low your income is. If a person is single and very low income they should benefit from Bill C35

This may help…

Already posted this link in a prior post

It isn’t income based or marital based. It is a benefit for all of working age individuals that are disabled.
The legislation has not been laid out yet on the particulars other than what is currently available in the report. It refers to mimicking the GIS as a supplement income
not affecting any other benefits or income. Not confused with eligibility criteria for the GIS supplement.


So can someone explain this is easy terms lol … Does this mean that we may be getting an extra amount on our checks if we qualify? When would this start? Thank You for your replies.

It sounds like it.
It is only first reading so maybe in a year.
It may depend on how the next election goes.

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I think it means that people with a disability who are in extreme poverty will receive a supplement. I’m guessing that the amounts are likely to be similar to the Guaranteed Income Supplement listed here

GIS basically brings your income up by up to $11,000 if your total income is less than $18,000 as a single person.

I don’t know how it will interact with the provincial disability support programs.


Thank You Jammer, Let’s hope for the best!

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I think there is a new bill for 2022+ by the Liberals but I wouldn’t hold my breath.