Canadian Disability Benefit

I see that Bill C22 passed. How does this affect (if at all) those of us getting LTD and Cppd?

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I think they will model the new bill after the seniors GIS so if you have a working spouse you probably won’t get anything. The rest will be interesting to see how if affects people on CPPD but I would assume if we get any the LTD insurer is already lined up to count it as an offset and lower the LTD premiums they pay. What are others thoughts?

@Harvey23 totally agree on all points. As it’s meant to protect the most vulnerable of society so I’d guess any total household income over approx $30k would completely disqualify an applicant.

Also agree that the LTD insurers will clawback these benefits as most policies I’ve read state they get to offset “any government sponsored plan, such as…”

It’s probably deducted:

for the same or a subsequent disability under any government- sponsored plan, excluding dependent benefits, employment insurance benefits and automatic cost-of-living increases under any government-sponsored plan that occur after benefits begin.

Didn’t we get something earlier?
I didn’t report anything and they really should have asked me.