My employer and me

I haven’t heard from my employer for over 18 months the last time i called they told me to call back when and if i knew when i would be coming back am i still employed or not they were very anrubt with me when i called last time and my health problems make it difficult to speak on the phone o get very nervous do you think i should call them ot leave it

Leave it.
You are probably still employed unless you receive a letter from them.
You may be marked in their system as being on “medical leave”.
Try not to think about it.


Hopefully no news is good news for you.

Some employers have a policy about the maximum time they will hold a position for someone. 24 months is the longest I have heard. For me, knowing this timeline is important if it is tied to employer provided health benefits that are usually lost when the position is terminated. It can be helpful to know if/when a job will be permanently lost so that you can look into private health benefits if needed.

If the phone is a challenge, perhaps you could consider writing a email or letter to someone in human resources to let them know you are still on medical leave and wanted to see where things are at in terms of your position? Or, like Jammer says, leave it. If it is been 18 months with no contact, could bring more stress than positives.