Employer moved without telling me

After six months my claim was finally approved. The insurance company called to let my employer know and it appears they have moved. Considering I am technically still their employee would they not have to inform me that they have moved? Thanks:)

Your LTD is a contract between you and the insurance company.
Is it 6 months from when you first left work?
They should have let you know because you might go back.
They probably forgot about you.

Ya, makes it just a wee bit more awkward now to do a return- to- work which the ins co said was their goal. Obviously forgotten and unwanted. It’s been 10 months since I last worked 6 since my short term ended

Maybe they meant return to any work.

It’s definitely awkward.
I don’t remember the responsibilities of the employer to keep your job open but I have a vague feeling it is for at least 2 years.
Do you have a contact in HR you can contact?
Maybe wait until you get medical approval to try a return to work before contacting anyone.
@David_Brannen, can an employer offer someone on LTD a severance?

It would have been an accidental oversight by them. You wouldn’t be in the database of suppliers or customers they used to send out notices and they would have done an internal communication without thinking about who wouldn’t get it. Just look up their new address and get back in touch.

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This could easily be an innocent oversight. I would suggest just getting back in touch with them once you are ready for a return to work.