Lump sum payment and child benefits


I received my lump sum payment provided by CPPD and it also includes retro pay for child benefits. I was given a breakdown of the amount for the disability benefit vs the child benefit. Does Manulife expect the child benefits amount to be returned to them as well or only the disability payment?


Only the disability benefit.
You get to keep the child benefit and any increase in the disability benefit.
The disability benefit increases each year with inflation.

Manulife called me today and has requested all of the money that was given to me for the child benefits. They said it is in my contract with Manulife and my employer. I am so upset. Does anyone know if there’s anything I can do about this? Or any recommendations for legal advice?

See this thread.

I would definitely ask for a copy of your contract and see if the wording is there.

I apologize for my previous post that stated you get to keep the child benefit as fact… I guess that was just my understanding as that’s the way it worked for me but every policy is different. As David said, this doesn’t seem fair.

I don’t think my policy differentiates between the main and children portions of CPP-D.
If it is one payment then I can see the insurance company trying to offset it.
If it is separately paymemts then it should be easier to fight.
I would get the free consult from Resolute Legal

It’s separate payments.

This link
suggests that the benefit belongs to the child, not the parent. I don’t see why it would be deductible.